Firth Rixson, Ltd.
Firth Rixson is a major international supplier of forgings, rings, and related high value metallic products to the aerospace, power generation, transportation, and related markets.(

Forged Metals, Inc.
Forged Metals is a value leader in aerospace forgings and related machining for jet engines, industrial turbines, and similar products. Forged Metals is certified to supply virtually every engine maker in the world. (

WESCO Aircraft, Inc.
WESCO is the world's leading distributor of aerospace fasteners, related class C parts, chemicals and fluids, plus extensive logistics and JIT services.

HDT Global
HDT Global is a leading provider of highly engineered, application specific products including rapidly deployable shelters and environmental protection and conditioning equuipment for expeditionary forces deployed by government, military and industrial customers. (

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